Toronto Fire Alarm Technicians: Installations & Inspections

close-up of service technician opening fire panel in server room

If you need a fire alarm system installed or repaired, a certified fire alarm technician is the person to call. At Tesla Fire Systems, our certified fire techs can help with any fire alarm system issue and help with many other fire protection services.

Fire Alarm System Installation & Repairs

Most Toronto commercial properties as well as many types of residential housing are required to have fire alarm systems. The extent of your system will depend upon many factors, including the size of the building and the way that the building is used.

For instance, an industrial firm or a restaurant might have more stringent regulations owing to higher risk of fire due to the many flammable materials on site. As experienced fire alarm technicians, we are completely up-to-date with Ontario Fire Codes and can ensure that you are in full compliance of the law.

We’ve installed fire alarm systems in everything from small businesses and duplexes to huge residential communities, medical facilities, restaurants and much more. Our first step will be to study your building or buildings carefully to determine precisely where alarms should be placed and well as determining your power requirements.

We are not only certified fire alarm technicians; we also are certified electricians, and not all fire alarm technicians are professional electricians. Certified fire alarm technicians will have some electrical training, but not at the level of our team of professional electricians. Using experienced electricians that also are certified fire alarm technicians ensures that your fire alarm system will be installed perfectly and safely.

If you already have a fire alarm system in place, but need repairs or upgrades, we can help with that, as well. The fire codes do change and what might have been fine just a few years ago may have changed a bit, and it’s crucial that you keep your system up-to-date for safety reasons and to avoid the hefty fines you might face.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Yearly fire inspections will be needed to ensure that your business is in compliance with the current fire codes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam artists who will randomly show up at your business and claim to be a fire alarm inspector sent by the local fire authority.

If someone does show up claiming to be an official inspector, this usually is fraudulent. Sometimes, they’ll even wear a fire uniform to increase their supposed legitimacy. However, if someone does show up in uniform, just check to see what type of vehicle they arrived in. If it’s a legitimate fire vehicle, then these are probably actual inspectors, but if it’s a random work truck, it’s likely that you are being scammed.

The best practice is to simply schedule a fire alarm inspection every year with a reputable company. This is a legal requirement for all commercial properties and we can inspect, troubleshoot and repair your fire alarm systems as well as fire suppression systems.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

As certified electricians and fire alarm technicians, we can install or repair any type of emergency and exit lighting. While homeowners won’t have emergency lighting requirements, commercial properties must have emergency lighting in place in many areas.

The amount of lighting and types of lighting that you will need to have installed varies depending on the size and configuration of your building. For instance, if your business is just one large room, you won’t need to the same level of emergency lighting as a building with many corridors and rooms. At any rate, we can inspect your business and determine whether or not your emergency lighting is in compliance with current codes.

Fire Alarm Suppression Tests

Restaurants and other businesses with commercial kitchens are required to possess fire suppression systems and also to complete fire hood suppression tests. These tests are required semi-annually and our team of fire protection specialists can provide you with this service.

We also highly recommend that business owners or kitchen owners inspect their system each month. Ensure that nozzles are pointed in the correct areas and that grease is not building up over nozzles or inside the hood. Check the system’s tamper indicator and make sure that the pull station will be easy to access if needed. If you do activate your system, it is essential to give us a call so that we can recharge and inspect the system.

Fire Alarm Technician Training

In order to earn Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) certification, technicians must complete several courses, including:
• Fire Alarm System Overview
• Verbal and Written Communication
• Basic Electricity for the Fire Alarm Technician
• Life Safety Systems Electronics
• Fire Alarm System Application

Additionally, those wishing to become CFAA-certified fire alarm technicians also must pass a theory exam as well as a practical exam. Once you are certified, you will be required to complete some continuing education units to keep up with changes in the industry.

As we stated before, we are CFAA-certified fire alarm technicians as well as experienced license electricians. This provides our clients with a much higher level of electrical experience than fire alarm technicians are required to possess.

While we hope you use Tesla Fire Systems for all of your fire protection services, we highly recommend that you do select a fire alarm technician that’s also a licensed electrician as they truly possess the know-how to keep you safe and up to code.