The Dry Chemical Extinguisher & 4 Other Lifesaving Devices

carbon monoxide alarm

There are many fire safety devices required by law for business and homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area. While failing to comply with our local fire codes can result in fines, the main reason why you need to purchase dry chemical extinguisher, smoke alarm or other fire safe devices is to prevent needless injuries and deaths. The following items can ensure that you are up to code and as safe as possible.

1. Dry Chemical Extinguishers

These handy extinguishers are capable of putting out several different types of fires, usually types A, B and C. Class A fires are fires of combustible materials, such as cloth, wood and paper. Class B fires indicate that a flammable liquid, such as gasoline, has caught fire. Class C fires are electrical fires, such as those caused by faulty wiring or an appliance fire.

We have dry chemical extinguishers in many sizes. The 2.5 lb. extinguishers are ideal for use in small spaces as well as cars and boats. Larger 5 lb. and even 10 lb. extinguishers can be good options for homeowners. If you need a larger dry chemical extinguisher, we have those, as well. For businesses, there are specific extinguisher requirements specified in the Toronto fire code and we can help ensure that you have the correct extinguishers and the correct amounts and sizes.

2. Fire Safety Plan Boxes

These are required at every business in Toronto, according to the fire code. These boxes contain your fire department-approved fire safety plan. This plan describes in detail all of the fire safety procedures and evacuation procedures in your building. Our boxes comply with Ontario Fire Marshall specifications and we offer the best prices in the GTA. Of course, we also can ship our fire boxes to businesses throughout Canada.

3. Escape Ladders

While fire plans are required for all businesses, homeowners also should create their only family fire plan. If you live in a multi-story home this plan should include the purchase of one or more escape ladders. Our sturdy two-storey and three-storey escape ladders will make it easy for you and your family members to escape from your home if a fire breaks out and there is no safe way to exit via the first floor.

4. Smoke Alarms

Businesses throughout the GTA have specific regulations regarding the placement and amount of smoke alarms required in their buildings. For homeowners, smoke alarms also are required. In order to comply with our local fire codes, there should be smoke alarms placed in each sleeping room as well as in the hallway. Additionally, you need to install at least one smoke alarm on each additional storey of your home, including the basement. We recommend that you install dual-sensor smoke alarms, which detect both smoldering fires and fast flaming fires. We also recommend that you place a dry chemical extinguisher in each bedroom closet and all bathrooms, as well as in the kitchen, garage and basement.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Did you know that carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of accidental poison in North America? Because CO is odorless and tasteless, there is truly no way for homeowners and business owners to detect this deadly gas. Signs of CO poisoning include shortness of breath, mental confusion, nausea and dizziness. In high concentrations, CO will cause unconsciousness and, ultimately, death. Installing multiple carbon monoxide detectors in your home can ensure that your family will not be injured or killed by this silent killer.

If you need a dry chemical extinguisher or any of these other products for your home or business, we have them here at Tesla Fire System. In addition, we offer several helpful services such as providing fire extinguisher refills, fire alarm installation, fire alarm repair and more. We also can provide businesses with a fire hood suppression hood system certification test.

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