Fire Safety Plan Boxes & Your Fire Plan

fire safety plan box

Keeping your tenants, students, customers and employees safe is always a priority, which is why fire safety plans need to be developed and securely stored in fire safety plan boxes. Here’s a look at what you need to include in your plan, as well as some information about our fire safety plan boxes.

In the GTA, fire safety plans are required in many types of buildings and businesses. For instance, all schools are required to have fire safety plans, as well as any business that works with flammable materials. All buildings with three or more storeys need a fire plan, as well as apartment buildings, condominiums, hospitals and clinics, restaurants and many other types of businesses. Your fire plan also must be approved by the Ontario Fire Marshall before you can store it in fire safety plan boxes, and these boxes also need to comply to our local fire codes.

Obviously, your fire safety plan will include information regarding safe evacuation procedures in case of a fire, but this plan will include other information, as well. This includes information about your fire alarm system, where fire alarms and fire alarm panels are located, information about fire sprinklers and where the fire vehicle route is located. Different types of buildings and businesses will face different requirements as to how many alarms are required and whether or not sprinklers are required and so forth.

The fire safety plan also will include information about your elevator systems (if applicable) and emergency backup systems, as well as the types of extinguishers present on each storey of your building and where all of these extinguishers are located. The fire plan also must list the person or persons responsible for carrying out any supervisory roles in regard to safety.

In addition, you will need to include the instructions that have been given to the occupants of your building, providing them with information about what to do if they see smoke or a fire breaks out in the building. Your employees will need to understand where all of the entrances and exits are located, how to evacuate in case of emergency and also understand rules and regulations regarding potential fire hazards.

In addition to placing this information in fire safety plan boxes, ensuring that fire exits are marked clearly, and fire instructions are posted are essential safety steps and required by law for schools and businesses, as well as certain types of housing. It is imperative that every landlord and business owner understand precisely which fire codes apply to their situation. We also highly recommend reviewing the information with employees and tenants on a regular basis to ensure safety. Fire drills and fire procedure reviews are crucial for every type of businesses as well as homeowners.

Our fire safety plan boxes run just $106, which is the best price you’ll find in the Greater Toronto Area. Our boxes include a padlock and comply to Ontario Fire Marshall specifications. If you live outside of the GTA, we ship to locations throughout Canada. Additionally, we can provide you with fire extinguishers, carbon & smoke alarms, emergency lighting, fire alarm control panels and much more.