Fire Extinguishers: Toronto’s Best Deals & Much More

If you need a fire extinguisher in Toronto or even a fire extinguisher in Canada in general, Tesla Fire Systems has a huge selection and some of the best prices around. But, before you start shopping, learn a little bit about these amazing fire safety devices.

1. Extinguishers Are A Relatively New Invention

Once man discovered that he could make fire, he no doubt, very quickly learned that sometimes, it would be crucial to put out fires. Water hand pumps designed for fire suppression were invented as early as 200 BC, although fires often were simply suppressed by having people create water chains, passing buckets of water by hand.

Water squirts, which sort of resemble a very large syringe, were used to put out fires in the 17th century. For instance, during the Great Fire of London, which lasted for several days and devastated the city, fire breaks helped to stop the spread of the flames, but squirts were used to put out the fire. The squirts required the use of two people, however, and need refilling constantly, so it wasn’t particularly efficient or easy to use.   

When it comes to more modern versions of portable fire extinguishers, we have Ambrose Godfrey, who invented an interesting portable device that contained fire suppression liquid. Oddly enough, in order to release this liquid, you first had to ignite a series of fuses which would then explode a small chamber filled with gunpowder. It might seem curious that gunpowder would be used for a fire suppression system, but Godfrey’s device was patented and actually used for fire suppression.

George William Manby invented a type of extinguisher that is more akin to what you might see today. This device, which was invented in the early 19th century, contained compressed potassium carbonate, which is a dry chemical that can snuff out a fire. From there, advances continued to be made in extinguisher technology, including the creation of those handy ABC extinguishers that are top choice for a home fire extinguisher in Canada.

2. There Are Many Extinguisher Types

If you need a fire extinguisher in Toronto or a fire extinguisher anywhere in Canada, it’s important that you purchase the right type of extinguisher. For homeowners, we typically recommend that aforementioned ABC extinguisher as it can put out most of the fires that commonly occur in homes.

ABC extinguishers put out Class A, B & C fires. Class A refers to combustible materials such as wood, paper, clothing, curtains, etc. Class B refers to flammable liquids such as gasoline, paint and flammable gases. Class C includes electrical fires, such as a spark caused by a short circuit in your home’s electrical system. An ABC extinguisher can be used for all of these types of fires.

We recommend that homeowners invest in several ABC extinguishers. These should be placed on both storeys of the home and especially in areas where it is more likely for fires to occur, such as the kitchen, the garage or perhaps a room with a fireplace.

For businesses, the Ontario Fire Code requires that you have working ABC extinguishers on hand, and there are requirements as to the size and number of these extinguishers. Additionally, you might need a Class D or Class K extinguisher. Class D refers to combustible metals, such as one might find at various industrial facilities. Class K basically is a type of extinguisher meant for large kitchens such as in restaurants or anywhere with an industrial kitchen.

3. Extinguisher Grenades Are A Thing

When you think about fire suppression, the word “grenade” doesn’t automatically spring to mind. But, back in the 19th century, extinguisher grenades were common.  These contained either saltwater or a chemical known as carbon tetrachloride. A person would toss the grenade at the fire and the glass grenade would shatter and distribute whatever fire suppression liquid or chemical was inside.

Some of the antique grenades are stunning, a few are made with a beautiful blue hand-blown glass, while others are red and look similar to incandescent light bulbs. Fire extinguisher grenades actually are still used by firefighters today, although they do lack that certain je be sais quoi of those antique grenades. Additionally, they are simply known as fire suppression generators or perhaps a bit more whimsically as a fire extinguisher ball.

These types of extinguishers can be a good option in tight, enclosed spaces, and they are self-activating. You literally can toss it into a fire and within seconds, it starts releasing material and suppressing the fire.

4. Vintage Fire Extinguishers Are Collectible

You can purchase a vintage fire extinguisher as well as other vintage and antique fire safety equipment on sites such as eBay. In fact, we saw one or two that were repurposed and used as attractive lamps. You also can buy antique fire grenades, as well, if you are so inclined. If you are stumped about what to get that firefighter in your life, a vintage extinguisher or extinguisher grenade might just be the perfect gift.

5. Yes, Of Course, There Are Fire Extinguisher Museums

Did you even doubt for a moment that at least one person on this earth loves fire extinguishers enough to create a tribute to them? Ok, to be fair, there are firefighter museums that celebrate the history of firefighting. You can view antique fire trucks, extinguishers, gear and much more.

Sadly, the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum in Ontario is closed as they search for a new location, but if you want to see the coolest fire extinguishers in Canada, we highly recommend a trip once it reopens. In the meantime, the Fire Hall Museum & Education Centre in Cambridge is open on Saturdays and located in a historic 19th century fire hall and includes several historic fire vehicles as well as equipment displays.

Affordable Fire Extinguishers In Toronto

At Tesla Fire Systems, we offer a wide array of fire extinguishers for businesses as well as homeowners. Not only do we offer the lowest prices in the GTA, we also can provide you with other helpful related equipment including extinguisher wall brackets, cabinets and covers.

Whether you need a fire extinguisher in Canada, or other fire safety items, Tesla has everything you might need. For extinguishers, check out this page We also carry all types of smoke alarms, fire safety plan boxes, emergency & exit lighting, fire ladders and much more.

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