Fire Extinguishers For Sale: A Look At The Different Types Of Extinguishers

If you’ve never thought about fire extinguishers before, it might surprise you to learn that there are many different types of fire extinguishers for sale. The type of extinguishers you purchase depends upon several factors, so we thought it might be helpful to share a little bit of information about the handy safety devices.

1. Types of Fires

There are six classes of fires, labeled from Class A to Class K. These letter designations indicate the type of materials present in the area where the extinguisher will be stored. Here is a quick look at each class and the types of materials the letter represents:

Class A – Solid materials such as wood, paper, plastics, cloth & other non-metals
Class B – Flammable liquids & flammable gases such as gasoline, grease & oil
Class C – Electrical equipment & such as any items that are plugged into a socket
Class D – Metals such as titanium, aluminum & more
Class K – Cooking oils & fats (these extinguishers typically are used only in commercial operations and not in a family kitchen)

In most cases, unless you work in a restaurant or a facility that process metals, you can simply purchase an ABC extinguisher, which means that it can be used with any of the types of fires in Classes A, B or C. Our most popular models for homeowners are the multi-purpose Amerex 2.5 lb. ABC fire extinguisher and the Amerex 5 lb. ABC fire extinguishers. These compact models are simple to use and fit easily into kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

We also have larger multi-purpose ABC extinguishers, which might be great options for your garage or perhaps commercial properties. Of course, we also sell Class D and Class K extinguishers if these are needed for your business.

2. Types Of Extinguishers

Usually, homeowners can simply purchase an extinguisher by looking at the fire class, and the typical ABC extinguisher is often the best option. However, you might need a specialized type of extinguisher for your business or perhaps at your home. Knowing the types of extinguishers available can help you make the best possible selection, so here is a look at some types of fire extinguishers for sale.

Dry Chemical – These types of extinguishers are the type that most of us have in our homes. They are used in many ABC multi-purpose extinguishers, such as our popular Amerex 5lb ABC Fire Extinguisher.

Wet Chemical – These are well suited to putting out fires in Class A and Class K fires. For instance, if you own a restaurant, a wet chemical extinguisher is a good option if you need to put out a cooking oil fire. These extinguishers lower the temperature of the fire and prevent these flammable liquids from splashing into other areas.

CO2 Extinguishers – These extinguishers eliminate oxygen, which helps to put out a fire. A CO2 extinguisher can be used for Class B fires (although only for flammable liquids, not gases) and Class C fires, which pertains to items that are electrical, such as a toaster, computer or virtually anything plugged into an electrical outlet.

In addition to these types of extinguishers, we also carry fire extinguishers designed specifically for Class D fires. These extinguishers might be found at a metal fabrication business or anywhere where there is the potential for a metal-based fire.

3. Remember To PASS

Of course, placing extinguishers in key areas around your home and business is just part of your fire protection plan. You also need to know how to use the extinguisher if a fire occurs. For most portable extinguishers, just keep the letters P.A.S.S. in mind, and these stand for:

P – Pull the pin out of the extinguisher
A – Aim the hose or nozzle at the base of the flames
S – Squeeze the handle
S – Sweep the hose or nozzle back and forth, remembering to aim at the base of the flames

Remembering this acronym can make it easy to stay calm and act quickly if a fire breaks out at your home and business. At Tesla Fire Systems, we have many different fire extinguishers for sale. If you aren’t certain which type of extinguishers best suit your needs, feel free to give us a call today.

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