Fire Alarm Systems For Businesses & Homeowners

close-up of service technician opening fire panel in server room

In the Greater Toronto Area, businesses are required to install and maintain a fire alarm system. At Tesla Fire Systems, we can install, repair and upgrade any commercial fire system, but it’s also a good idea for homeowners to consider upgrading their own fire safety plan and we can help with that, as well.

What Is A Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm system interconnects your fire alarms, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and emergency and exit lighting, as well as emergency backups to ensure that fire alarms and lighting work for a specific amount of time even after a loss of main power. These are just a few of the components that might be part of your fire alarm system and general fire safety plan.

The Ontario fire code has set out regulations regarding these fire systems, depending on the size and type of commercial business or commercial property. For instance, a restaurant or a company that deals with any types of hazardous chemicals will have much different regulations than a small, one-storey business that sells something like clothing or gifts.

There’s a lot to learn about fire codes, and it’s crucial that your business is in full compliance with our provincial codes. Failure to meet these codes results in hefty fines, but, more importantly, you put employees, customers, patients, residents and everyone else in danger when you are not up to code. Fortunately, the team at Tesla Fire Systems has more than 50 years of experience installing fire alarm systems as well as providing repairs, inspections and general maintenance. We fully understand the Ontario fire codes and will ensure that you are in complete compliance.

What Can We Install?

We offer a wide range of fire protection products. Whether you simply need proper fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher refills or something far more complex, we can help. We have installed fire alarm systems for large residential communities, government offices, medical offices, restaurants and a myriad of retail businesses.

Our products include all types of fire extinguishers, as well as carbon and smoke alarms, fire alarm panel products, fire safety plan boxes, emergency & exit lighting, sprinkler systems and virtually anything else you might need. We can come out and take a look at your facility and make recommendations that will ensure that you meet or exceed the fire codes.

Our team not only has experience with installation of fire safety products and a fire alarm system, we also are licensed Toronto electricians, so we can handle any type of electrical issue you may be experiencing. Electrical issues often correlate with fire safety, so keeping your electrical system up to code and well-maintained can go a long way toward making sure all of your employees and customers are as safe as possible.

But What About Homeowners?

While Ontario fire codes relate more to businesses and multi-family housing units, that doesn’t mean that the owners of single-family homes shouldn’t upgrade their home with many fire safety features. You need at least one smoke detector/smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector on each storey of your home.

We recommend that you place these items in the kitchen, the laundry room and any room that includes a fireplace, as well as in the hallways outside of each bedroom. In many cases, it’s also wise to install a smoke detector in or near the garage, as this space often contains many flammable materials.

Homeowners also need to have a supply of fire extinguishers on hand. Obviously, you need one in the kitchen, but it’s highly recommended that you place an extinguisher in the laundry room, bathroom, and the closet of each bedroom as well as in rooms with fireplaces and in the garage. A small ABC extinguisher typically is sufficient for each of these rooms.

It’s also a good idea for those living in a two-storey home or higher to purchase a safety ladder. These ladders can help you whole family escape if a fire and smoke have engulfed the first storey of your home.

Fire blankets also can be a good product to consider. These blankets can be used to put out a very small fire before it spreads or you can wrap the blanket around yourself in order to escape from a fire.

To further increase your safety, you might also consider adding fire sprinklers in your home. Obviously, businesses and many types of shared residential facilities must have these installed. However, these can be expensive for homeowners, but often insurance companies will offer a discount to people that install this safety feature.

To reduce your fire danger, homeowners should consider the following tips:

1. Install a proper number of smoke alarms/detectors and CO2 detectors and ensure these items are in good working order.

2. Purchase a proper number of fire extinguishers and teach everyone in the household how to use these devices

3. Schedule twice yearly chimney maintenance services, if applicable.

4. Keep your dryer lint trap clean and clean out the duct several times a year. Additionally, never leave the dryer running when you leave home.

5. Keep flammable items away from fireplaces, stoves and ovens.

6. Teach others how to safety put out a grease fire, which CANNOT be extinguished with water. (Turn off the heat source & either cover the pan or place baking soda on the fire or use your ABC extinguisher)

7. Create a family fire plan, so that everyone in the house knows what to do if a fire should occur. Practice your fire escape plan with your family a few times each year, to ensure that reactions are automatic.

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, the team at Tesla Fire Systems can provide you with any type of fire safety service or electrical service you might need, including the installation or maintenance of a fire alarm system. Feel free to give us a call at any time and we can discuss your fire safety needs.