4 Steps For Developing Your Home Fire Plan

Whether you live in an apartment or a single-family home, developing a family fire plan is an excellent idea. When each member of your family knows what to do and where to go in case of a fire emergency, this can greatly improve your safety should a fire occur in your home. We have compiled a few fire plans and safety tips to help you develop a system that suits your family’s needs.

1. Stock Your Home For Safety

If a fire occurs, one of the best ways to ensure that you and your family have plenty of time to escape from your home is to install smoke alarms throughout the dwelling. We recommend that you install smoke alarms in each bedroom in your home as well as in the hallways outside of these rooms. You also will want to place alarms in other areas of your home, such as the kitchen, the family room and in rooms where there are fireplaces as well as your garage and basement.

It is wise to install a mix of photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms. A photoelectric fire alarm responds to the smoke produced by a smoldering fire, which begins by producing more smoke than heat or flames. The ionization alarm detects the intense heat from a flaming fire. Our selection of smoke alarms includes both types as well as combination alarms with both ionization and photoelectric capabilities. Additionally, we recommend that you install a carbon monoxide detector. Toronto residents should add these detectors on both floors of their home as well as in the garage, as you cannot smell deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Fire extinguishers also should be placed in various areas of your home, especially in the kitchen, laundry area and garage, which are the most common areas where fires break out. However, because many fires often occur at night, it is wise to keep extinguishers in your bedroom in case you need this device to help you escape from your home.

2. Consider Escape Routes

In the event of a fire, it’s quite possible that your front door won’t be the safest escape route, so it’s important that all the members of your home know where the potential escape routes are located. Create a map of your home and mark all of the places where one can escape. Make sure that your windows open easily so that escape can be handled as quickly as possible. Invest in a fire escape ladder to ensure that you can flee from the second story if needed. We have two-story and three-story escape ladders available for purchase on our website.

3. Teach Your Children Well

Even very young children can understand a few basic facts about fire safety. Your children should know where to go and what to do if the smoke alarm or perhaps the carbon monoxide detector goes off. Toronto families that are prepared for these emergencies are far more likely to escape and avoid serious injuries.

Your children should know how to escape from your home even if you are unable to help them. You also need to select a family meeting place where everyone will gather after exiting the home. This might be a large tree in the front yard or perhaps in the next-door neighbor’s yard or some other nearby safe area.

Your children also should understand that they need to test closed doors before they open them to escape. If a door is cool, they can open it. Teach them to crawl down or hunch down if there is smoke. Because smoke rises, you often can crawl quickly along the floor to avoid excess smoke inhalation.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

There is a reason why students, from elementary school through high school, participate in fire drills. Practicing a fire plan over and over again helps to create an automatic response in your brain, so that whether you are in a drill or an actual fire scenario, you can act quickly and reasonably.

We recommend that you practice your family fire plan at least twice per year. During this event, it also is wise to replace the batteries in all your fire alarms. We also recommend that you test your fire alarms once each month to make sure that the alarm is functioning.

If you need to stock up on safety items, Tesla Fire Systems has everything you might need, including smoke alarms, extinguishers, fire ladders and a carbon monoxide detector. Toronto residents that own a commercial property or business also might be interested in our wide selection of commercial fire safety products, such as emergency and exit lighting, fire safety plan boxes, pull-stations and more.

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